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Jet Skis in Barcelona

An adrenaline-busting alternative to Barcelona yacht charter, jet skis offer the quintessential wet 'n wild experience! If you want pure exhilaration and speed, take a team of jet skis out for a spin off one of the 9 Blue Flag beaches of Sitges. Adjacent to Barcelona, Sitges is one of Spain's jet skiing hotspots.

No experience necessary. Jet skiing sessions are aimed at beginners. If you're an experienced rider, let us know. Sessions can be tailored to suit the skill level of each group.

What to expect

During the course of an introductory lesson, each member of your party will learn how to control a jet ski. Master the techniques need to handle these agile, responsive water bikes, and then hit the water!

Jet skis are surprisingly simple to operate. In no time at all you'll be bouncing across the waters with ease, racing friends and performing turns like a pro.

Jet ski hire and all necessary safety gear is included in the price of each session.

Optional extras: Flyboard

Add a Flyboard to a jet ski for an incredibly intense experience. This ingenious piece of kit really lives up to its name! A Flyboard attaches to the back of a jet ski and the power supplied enables the rider to fly through the air or underwater. It's a little like wakeboarding.

Once you've mastered a few techniques, you'll be able to hover up to 30 feet above the ocean. That's just for starters. Precision diving, back flips, spins, twists and swimming like dolphins are also possible on a Flyboard.

If you love big boys toys and extreme water sports, a Flyboard is a must.

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